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Thread: Javascript ads injected by Asianet Broadband ISP in Kerala

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    Javascript ads injected by Asianet Broadband ISP in Kerala

    I am using broadband internet provided by Asianet Dataline which runs an cable TV services and also provides internet connection. I live in Kerala and this service is also originating in Kerala. Just this week I noticed that any website that I would open, a small ad would pop up in a corner or from some side of the screen. First I thought that it must be the website that must have put all these ads on their webisite, but later when I went on websites like Google, Facebook or Youtube, there too the ads started popping up. I asked my friend who also uses internet provided by Asianet Dataline about this problem. He said that these ads were not part of any website but internet provider, which is Asianet Dataline. They have inserted some Javascript which launches ads when any webpage is opened. I think that this is a big security risk as every time I open any page, its details must be going to the ISP. I think that if the internet provider can put these Javascript without userís permission, they might even be able to access the passwords and username we put on websites. Does anybody else think that this is wrong?

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    Re: Javascript ads injected by Asianet Broadband ISP in Kerala

    Actually there isnít much security risk because of pop up ads. The bigger problem that these pop up ads cause is that of consuming high amount of bandwidth even if not needed. These ads mostly contain images which need large amount of bandwidth and slow downloading of other parts of internet that need bandwidth. Also they become irritating as they start popping up on each and every page. Most of the times, the ads arenít even of much use. You can complain your internet provider to stop these ads. If still this problem continues, you can complain to I&B ministry or any other website which originally doesnít have any such ads. They might take action against such illegal actions against such ISPs.

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    Re: Javascript ads injected by Asianet Broadband ISP in Kerala

    If you want some relief from these ads, then you can use applications like Ad Muncher. You can download it from their official website and install it in your system. This application will terminate any pop up ad that comes up during browsing internet. This application will work with all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and many more. If you are using internet plan with limited data usage, than this application is a must in your computer. It will save up to 523 kb of data in every page you load with ads. It also works against the pop up ads that come in Bearshare, LimeWire, Yahoo! Music Jukebox, TVAnts and many more. It is also programmed to stop the third party applications from tracking your searches on internet and also by stopping them from accessing your cookies. From twelve years, this software is constantly underdevelopment and over these years, Ad Muncher has helped in blocking many types of ads. Thus, the block list and the types of threats and useless ads that pop up will be blocked. This application runs on low amount of resources and wonít jam your system by consuming large amount of RAM or any other resource.

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