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Thread: New Airtel Smartbytes webpage design is very poor

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    New Airtel Smartbytes webpage design is very poor

    I use Airtel Smartbytes webpage to keep track of the internet usage I do on my computer. Recently, Airtel updated the interface of their Smartbytes webpage to a new look. I donít notice any change in its performance and it is working fine as usual. But I really find its new look disgusting. It is completely red with white text in it. While working, every software I use has the standard color scheme used by Windows. The general colors that I see on my computer are white and blue. But suddenly if you see a bright red patch on your desktop, you are sure to be irritated by it. I am using Windows XP as my operating system in my computer which has a blue and green theme. The base colors of Windows XP itself are bright and to add to it Airtel brings the new interface in ultra bright red. I really feeling irritated by it, does anyone else too feel that read colored Airtel Smartbytes webpage should be changed?

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    Re: New Airtel Smartbytes webpage design is very poor

    I too saw the change in the color of interface of Airtel Smartbytes webpage, but it doesnít matter to me much as I use unlimited plan and I need to look at it once a week. I donít know how many people feel irritated by it, but let me tell you that Airtel hasnít chosen red color just for fun. It is the base color of their logo. Yes, red and white is the color scheme of their old logo as well as new logo. I think that there should be an option at the bottom of the page to switch between colorful theme and simple theme. This will make things lot easier for the user. Also the red color makes the page so heavy that it takes a good amount of time to completely open and show the details. I think that this must be causing a great problem to the users with low speed internet. Due to the heavy content of the Airtel Smartbytes webpage, some data usage must be being covered in its loading time itself.

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    Re: New Airtel Smartbytes webpage design is very poor

    I agree with the fact that new Airtel Smartbytes webpage is one of the worst designs I have ever seen on internet. Also the data that is shown on this page is not of type that it needs such a decoration. All it shows is the total data that a costumer can download, remaining data for the month and days remaining for payment of bill. Also it has some options for increasing limit of data usage and some instructions. I think that for these less number of things, a simple webpage with a Red Airtel banner on top of the page would have done the job.

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