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Thread: Video streaming is very poor on Airtel 4mbps plan

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    Video streaming is very poor on Airtel 4mbps plan

    I am using airtelís internet from past six months . Earlier it was good but from last few days I am fade up with its service. I am using airtelís 4 mbps plan but I think now I have to change this service. Whenever I try to stream live videos my internet works like tortoise. It work so slowly that it take to much time to buffer a small video as well. If anyone know why this happening and know any solution about this please let me know?

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    Re: Video streaming is very poor on Airtel 4mbps plan

    Hey buddy I am also using airtelís broadband from last 3 months and I also had very bad experience with them. I was using 2 mbps plan of airtel broadband but
    because of poor quality of netís speed I upgraded it to 4 mbps. I thought after upgrading to 4mbps I will get better speed but still I am not getting better speed. So I tried to called airtelís customer care to solve my net issue. Whenever I called them they put my phone call on hold or it get disconnected automatically in some time.

    Whenever I tried to play live streaming video it takes too much time to buffer. Itís like it just giving 10 to20 kbps speed for live streaming. Airtel is giving me very good download speed but when it comes to live streaming I m not satisfied.

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    Re: Video streaming is very poor on Airtel 4mbps plan

    Even I am facing same problem with airtelís broadband, while playing live stream videos. When I play live stream video on youtube it works better but when try to stream on any other it wonít work same. But now a days it also not working on Youtube. When I bought new connection that time I didnít even need to wait, it used to work amazingly. But now itís getting worse and worse. Itís start buffering in the middle of videos which irritates me more. So I called up airtelís customer care and I discuss my problem with their engineer but he is not able to solve my problem yet.

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