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Thread: Looking for 1mbps broadband in local Pune areas

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    Looking for 1mbps broadband in local Pune areas

    Hey friends, I am a Pune Local guy and here I am looking out for a broadband service provider. Is there anyone who can suggest me a broadband Service Provider in Pune, katraj, bibwewadi area? I am sure here there might be at least someone who belongs to the same location and must be having a broadband connection at their place. I need 1mbps of broadband with a cost effective and efficient service provider. Please help me out as soon as possible.

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    Re: Looking for 1mbps broadband in local Pune areas

    I can help you out. You can go for BSNL if and only if you need 512mbps or 1mbps unlimited broadband connection. I stay at bibvewadi and there BSNL service seems to be the best amongst all other services providers. Initially the first time when I got an internet connection at my home I was with Sify. I stayed with Sify only for 6 months then I switched to Tata which gave me the worst experience. And then directly turned myself to BSNL with home 500 plan. This is the 2nd year of mine with BSNL and its 500 plan. I am still enjoying it without no complains or report against them. They are the best as they meet up all my requirements and needs. My only suggestion goes for it if possible.

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    Re: Looking for 1mbps broadband in local Pune areas

    The best solution that I can provide you is to contact the Customer care certain of various different service providers and ask them for the schemes that they can provide you. As far as I know to each and every different location they come with some fresh and new scheme and plan so therefore instead of making a thread and asking a normal user about their opinion regarding the best service provider is useless. Obviously they are going to suggest you with the one that they are having because people do feel that they have got the best with them.

    Anyways I cant help you with the broadband number other than the BSNL and Airtel as I am well aware of their contact details. For BSNL you can contact at this number: 1800-424-1600 or else CLICK HERE for the detailed information, for Airtel you can visit the following site, CLICK HERE.

    At both the links you can get all the contact details, just get the number and contact them, they will guide you the best way possible. For other service providers contact detail you can simply search on web, there you will definitely get all the contact details who so ever the service provider is.

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    Re: Looking for 1mbps broadband in local Pune areas

    The best thing is to go with either BSNL or Airtel if you do not prefer to buy a landline phone because in case of BSNL as far as I know you will have to however first go for getting a landline connection and only then you will be provided with broadband service. Better click on the above Airtel or Vodafone links and get the required information for the internet, private services providers are better than this BSNL. The only drawback with private providers is that they do charge a lot as compared to BSNL.

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