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Thread: Airtel reduces 3G broadband rates

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    Airtel reduces 3G broadband rates

    I recently heard in the news that Airtel has slashed their mobile broadband rates by 70% that too on the 3G network is it true. I want to know about the new rates and even about the Tariff plans that Airtel is offering. I am planning to buy a new Airtel sim card so want to that will this service be available for me. My most of the friends are using Airtel so even I am planning to go for Airtel. I am having an Android phone and with the offers going on I can just enjoy internet on my Smartphone. So please let me know what are the plans that Airtel is offering for the users. Want to know about this as soon as possible.

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    Re: Airtel reduces 3G broadband rates

    Yes Airtel has slashed their prices and now volume based browsing rates are applicable from 10paise per 10KB to 3paise per 10KB. But this is only valid for non 3G users. The offer is valid for the users who are not subscribed for any 3G services and want to enjoy high speed internet. The offers for the pre-paid users are as follows:

    • Rate--Internet Access—Validity
    • Rs.10—30mins—1 Day
    • Rs.45—150MB—7 Days
    • Rs.1500—10GB—30 Days

    New Rates for post paid users:

    • Rate--Internet Access—Validity
    • Rs.100—300MB—30Days
    • Rs.1500—10GB—30Days
    • Rs.80—200MB—30Days
    • Rs.300—1GB—30Days

    Hope you get an entire Idea about the packages.

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