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Thread: Checking the lead status on

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    Checking the lead status on

    Yesterday I have requested for change in plan on After doing that I was provided with a Lead ID: WBCAL03XXXXXXXXX. Before requesting plan I was utilizing BB Home Rural USOF Combo UL 250. I want to switch my plan to BB Home Rural USOF Combo UL 500 But whenever I try to check the status of the Lead ID than I get an error message of "NO Leads found for your search criteria" . What should I do know? Please get me out of these.

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    Re: Checking the lead status on

    Now you would be able to escape with your necessity, would it be a plan update or a late provision. But also there are radiant rumours around that a part requested arrangement update in morning and got it provisioned by the nighttime. A few others were fit to affirm that idea update happened in around 2 days' time. Let us see how it can be finished
    • -Go to the official website of udaan.
    • -Don't worry about the ID and secret word ask for on the page, you are able to go ahead even without enlistment.
    • -Click this connection
    • -Enlist for New Land Line/Broad Band/ 3G DATA CARD /WIMAX ...and so forth
    • -Now there will be a pop window. Check the screen shot to see what all you would be able to do with this locale.

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    Re: Checking the lead status on

    You need to drop in just any of those things, unequivocally drop in your lead ID and nothing else and click submit. Verify you drop in your lead ID accurately. Mine was within 24 hours. Since you are enrolled on Selfcare Portal continue checking the.

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    Re: Checking the lead status on

    I was thoroughly agonized what BSNL do of my solicitation as the past framework took about 2 months to procedure a union ask for. However I was astounded when one user reported that his arrangement updated on night and he connected in the morning. A few more users gave reaction that they connected a few days back and arrangement update has even now spoke to.

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    Re: Checking the lead status on

    That's not a issue always. The steps are already mentioned in the above post how to get info of Lead Status in All you need to is to provide proper info on to get the right status. The info it needs is Lead Id, Name, City, Tel No, Mobile and OB/AN NO. Fill up the form and click on submit. Normally if you go for a new connection it takes around 2 days to reach you. Yet the official site of BSNL Udaan provides a very low information on connectivity stuff. There are certain blogs on the web also which can guide you for the same thing.

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    Re: Checking the lead status on

    You might have ignored the new updates which are on the official site. Now you can find the status just by sending a sms from your phone. You have to give proper LEADID for that and send the same to 54141. This is only for those who are using BSNL connection. And if you are other than BSNL user then use 9400054141 to get the Lead Status on your phone. The same sms can be like this STATUS LEADID send sms to 54141 and STATUS LEADID to 9400054141 for Airtel, vodafone, aircle, tata docomo, idea operators.

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