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Thread: Delhi Guy, Needing help with decision making.

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    Well i live in New Delhi, West.

    I currently have the airtel 1399 4mb for 25gb connection. But i find the price too much... with all the Taxes its 1543.10 Rs.

    I dont want to spend that much on a net...

    Someone from delhi, and who has experience, please suggest me a new internet service provider + plan for me.

    My requirements:
    1-4Mbs Speed.
    Rental : Below 1000?
    Unlimited, ( maybe like 2mbs for 10+ gb then 256kbps? or something like that? )

    I also require a wifi connection, sugggest me that also.

    Please only reply if u have experience, or your a techie, cuz wild rumours dont really help.


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    Re: Delhi Guy, Needing help with decision making.

    I will advice you to check in airtel only. There are number of different plans which are stated as per usage. For example for Home usage the plan type are different and for Corporate usage it is different. Major plans and pricing upgrades can be found on internet itself. I had also seen that many other telecom providers has reduced the monthly charge on internet usage. Anyhow for better bandwidth you will have to pay. But if you can adjust the bandwidth to lower then there are chances that you can get something in your budget.

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