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Thread: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

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    IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    Hello friends I have got a new internet connecting guys and he was telling me that he would be giving me a BSNL broadband plan which would be of 900 RS and which would be unlimited is it true should I go with it? And he was saying that it would be of 4 MBPS I am really impressed and I am thinking to go with it.

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    Well I wonder that if this would be true then each one of us would be going with this scheme and I think this would be the Indiaís best scheme which would be giving you 4MBPS speed and that to unlimited wow great what I can say is just stay away dear.

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    This is a fake information there is no such scheme I have been a BSNL customer and I have my cousin working in it and whenever there is any exciting offer I get the news first and there is no such news and you should ask him to enjoy that net for himself and you donít need it because this is just and fake scheme he has some plans to fool many of you guys and hold on with lots of money and run away I am thinking that this guy is trying to be very smart be away from him and donít at all go with any of his schemes

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    By hearing this really sounds awesome and I think thatís true that if this scheme exist then we all would be going with it and I would be fighting with the BSNL over my place because I have the same 900 RS plan with 4mbs but it has a limit of 4GB only and I wonder how you have been getting such a cheap internet oh god just complain about that guy to the BSNL service this guy is somehow hacking the internet and trying to earn money I think he should be punished and before kicking him away just try to fetch the detail that how he is able to provide you with this scheme and then donít forget to tell us.

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    Only the problem is with the wordingís he must have forgotten that it is a limited plan and instead of that he said it is unlimited I think he is new in this field and I hope now you know that there is no such cheap scheme over here.

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    This plan is same as he has been telling you just a difference is in the unlimited and limited. Do one thing just visit to the BSNL office and ask for the list of the schemes they would be handing over a list in which everything would be written about the scheme and all and then you can note which one he has been talking about and then that's a good thing what AbhayD has been asking for just don't forget to tell them that someone has been offering a very nice scheme to you. This would be helping them out and asking them to be more secure and have a checking for the complete connection and all and looking for any illegal stuffs been carried out around and then many of the problems would be solved.

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    Yes, the BSNL Broadband 900 is an unlimited plan but due to the FUP policy (Fair Usage Policy) if you exceed the actual given data bytes by downloading stuffs from the internet or even watching streaming videos from youtube or web surfing, then you will be forced to cut down with a regular download speed offered, which is mentioned below for your convenience
    1. BSNL Broadband Home Combo ULF 900 - 512 Kbps upto 8 GB, 256 Kbps beyond 8GB
    2. New Combo ULF 1000 - 1Mbps upto 9GB, 256Kbps beyond 9GB
    3. New Combo ULF 1100 - 2Mbps upto 10GB, 256Kbps beyond 10GB

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    Re: IS BSNL Broadband 900 plan really unlimited' plan

    There are some new updates of plan in this post. Have a look on the same. BSNL also started to provide promotional offers on some pre-paid usage. The official site provides complete detail on that. I found the below thread sharing similar information related to various BSNL plans. There are many changes made till now. There are introduction of some new combo plans with more download limit.
    BSNL reduced Unlimited plan rental to Rs 500

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