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Thread: Which is best 3g data card ?

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    Which is best 3g data card ?

    Hey guys,
    Which is best 3G data cards in India with unlock function.

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    Re: Which is best 3g data card ?

    hai ypathan
    i think visiontek 3g modem is better than any other modem, because it accepts all simcards . it supports gsm/gprs/hsupa/2g edge and all the networks

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    Re: Which is best 3g data card ?

    Till yet it found that Reliance has better service. There are more number of telecoms that are providing the service. On the second TATA Docomo is recommended. There are certain additional benefit you will get by getting a higher plan. The Reliance 3G DATA card will cost you Rs. 2599 for 7.2 mbps and Rs. 4499 for 21.6 mbps. The same way Rs.1999 for 7.2 mbps in TATA Docomo and Rs.4000 for 21.1 mbps. There are certain limits and condition that you can find the plan manual.

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