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Thread: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

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    i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    hey, can anyone help me to activate the iPhone 3G release. I have received indicates that the Vodafone 3G service has been activated. but still do not see the 3G icon on the phone. can anyone help. i called up the vodafone customer care but still they where not able to help me. they implied on the fact that the phone was jail broken and cannot be supported from our side . i know this is a little bit to much from their side but still the fact remains that there is no 3g connection on the iphone it makes no sense them not supporting.

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    Re: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    Jailbreak has nothing to do with the state of the 3 rd generation. I can suggest someone grabbing his fantastic 3 rd generation only to say that is to allow only a broadband mode Code Division Multiple Access / High Speed ​​Packet Access, etc so and see if it receives a signal. If the third generation is present in your area that will be well on the iPhone. no sense to point this out. you may need to take a look through the configuration of your network again.

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    Re: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    is the Value enabled in your iPhone 3 rd generation You can check by going to Settings> General> Network Check if the 3G option is "ON." If this option is active, then your iPhone 3G will change all the time you have a 3G service in your area and is active in your relationship. there is only a need to do this, it is a question of understanding your phone and being able to use it as per your own will. you must look into all the setting details that came with the phone even though you say its jail broken.

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    Re: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    Frankly, I'm not a fan of iPhone data plans offered by Airtel and Vodafone. The plans are a total scam. When you are called iPhone data plan you are paying more money for the data. If there is a Vodafone Mobile data plan to connect to the same data limit, you pay less than the iPhone data plan. How does the same amount of data is based on the most expensive device to use when the volume of data is the same.

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    Re: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    This is more technical. If you prefer not jailbreak then you can access and modify the configuration file on your iPhone Carrier to change the APN. This allows you to activate and use the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G or plan for your iPhone. In the archives of Spain carrier Vodafone in the iPhone settings the APN is set to "iPhone." This is the reason why you can not use any data plan with Vodafone iPhone. Changing the APN must allow the use of a different data plan on your iPhone.

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    Re: i am unable to activate 3g on my jailbroken iphone help

    The NPC used depends on the data plan you are using. The NPC mentions "portalnmms" is part of Vodafone Live WAP service. I'm not sure if you can access everything with this NPC, I can not comment because they do not use it as my data APN. I can use the Mobile Connect data plan and download the settings for the network to use the world wide web as my APN data and portalnmms as the APN for my MMS service. From my experience of Vodafone data plans, I can tell you usually charge for all traffic over the WAP APN, while its unlimited data plans use the "www" APN.

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