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Thread: Tikona WiBro New connection

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    Tikona WiBro New connection

    I had asked for a demonstration Tikona WiBro service. The Demo apparetly unable to work due to lack of signal strength. It is therefore suggested the use of " NanoStation2 'Ubiquiti. Is a piece of hardware that is installed on the roof. WiBro is new to me. They focus on sales and tell you exactly what you need to hear to meet daily goals. Their methods of sale are horrible and they know it.The salesman promised me that the connection will be installed the next day. I called the next day, he would not answer and has the same attitude to date. He had collected the cheque from me. Anyone tell me who faced this problem from tikona. What step should I take now.

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    Re: Tikona WiBro New connection

    Hello friend this is the issue with the Tikona. They promise you to give connection 2 days but they take 20 days for the connection. Tikona is also facing connectivity problems. They had promised me a lot in term of connectivity and services. But after the connection I am getting good speed and connectivity even in roamimng. I know you have bad experience for it. Same was with me but now I am satisfied with it. It is all market stretagy.

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    Re: Tikona WiBro New connection

    Hello friend I am having Windows XP on system. Same nanostation as you have. I have never installed any of their software. So, when I connect the cable it display a pop up box at my taskbar saying that "Additional log in information required" when I click on that, Internet browser loads up, I get a page for my username & password after providing details, it Works. I don't understand why people made to install some software. Get rid of it. Other then this everything is good. Speed and service is very good.

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    Re: Tikona WiBro New connection

    Download speed of Tikona is consistent. there were no problems.I am enjoying it very well. It all depends on your router and antenna placement position. If it held in correct position, will always give a constant speed and good speed. I get 1 Mbps speed at any time 24 * 7. I have 1 Mbps unlimited plan. I had no problems till now. But my download speeds are always at 1 Mbps.

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    Re: Tikona WiBro New connection

    Thank you for giving your suggestion people. You people have given so many positive point about the Tikona. I have pad the money I was realyy wooried that they made me foll. Now after so much positive reply I am asure myself thatit will be best lets see what they provide me. I woold like to thanks once again for this.

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