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Thread: Very Slow Speeds During Evening Time

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    Very Slow Speeds During Evening Time

    I am using DSL internet connect. But i am facing problem in the evening. Speed is too low daily basis. This is not good sign of good internet connections.

    Some one suggest me which one is best for me.

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    Re: Very Slow Speeds During Evening Time

    Slow speed might be due to some conjunction of the line at the specific period. Like at my office, speed is good in the morning time when there use to be few people working but at afternoon when there use to be around 40 people working together, speed gets lower.

    Also to suggest you some choices i would like to know from which location you are ?? And which is the connection you are using at present ? Anyways, till than just check out this Poll result, hope you get some help: Best DSL Broadband Service Providers India

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    Re: Very Slow Speeds During Evening Time

    There are many connections which have such problems. It is better you check the variation of the speed in the morning and evening using IP-Details and report it to your ISP.

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