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Thread: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

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    BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    The selfcare website designed for the bsnl I think is a real disaster. I am still not able to open a single page of the bsnl selfcare website. Well I was informed by the bsnl authorities that the bsnl website will not be working for certain period and hence I should not visit the website during that period. So I did not visit at that interval. After some days I went on to check the bsnl webpage but again it was not showing anything. After some days again I went to the site to check my usage details. Still the page was unable to open up. I was very angry with that. So I decided to call the bsnl people but they responded that they were not facing any issue with it. I think it is the most horrible website designed by the bsnl people. It is still failing to respond. So anyone of you who have faced this similar type of problem like me then do let me know about it.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    Well as per my knowledge they were working on their portals for a quick access of the websites. This is what I have known about the bsnl. Well I am not a bsnl user and hence I have not kept a proper update about the particular issue. Well some suggestions that I would like to give you here right now is that do make sure that you are typing the correct url address of the bsnl website. There are always been a issue with the typing of the bsnl url. So do look on the suggestions that I have given here and work on it accordingly.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    Well even I am also one of the user who is facing the same problem here. Well I am still not able to register myself to check the usage details of my internet. It is really very frustrating to open a page and waiting for so long so that the page gets loaded. I have tried several methods that were suggested by my friends thinking that it is some network problem of my system but that too failed. So I think the problem is with the bsnl people only. So as of now I am waiting for the bsnl people to get it solved by them only.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    Well my account information did get registered but that also took time to get my account properly registered, so if your page is opening properly what you will have to do is keep your phone number bill and from there you will be able to get the customer id and all the necessary information required to get an access to the account information. So I think you will have to get a account information done properly but as I said above it does takes some time to get your registration done completely on their websites. So I hope you have understood what I am trying to say here.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    Well I have a simple solution for you. Well what you have to do is that if you want to track the usage information of the interest that you are using, then what you have to do is try to get an independent application or program that will help you track the usage details. Well one such website that I know is rackeys. They track the usage details and are independent of the who the isp provider is. So there is nothing to worry about it. you can get that program in the website which I have mentioned above and track the details. Well for the rest of the features of the website you will have to check the bsnl website only.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband selfcare website is not proper

    BSNL Broadband website not opening -
    Hello Frnds,
    Here iam saying i have the same problem before but resolved it now.
    First thing is that you are not able to acess the website.- the website offered by google search is (http:/(/) {delete that brackets}
    Notice there .sdc its is not the portal to check usage even it also has user regestration. you will not suceed 1 bbg user id not correct / cust id not correct.I think its a phishing website.
    try the link provided by bsnl

    there you can easy login fill user regestration. and get logged in after email received by bsnl.
    Now the problem comes in ie8 with win7 that page say an error. use compablity mode.near the refresh.
    and the page will load .
    if you have problem with not responding website then make new user account in windows then will suceed. if any other problem .
    conact me on :

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