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Thread: Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

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    Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

    i do not recognize whether it is a good place to position this question. i have a few doubts about choice of connection. i have a 1 mbps Unltd MTNL Trib link at home. i am having completely no issues with it. However yet thinking of taking a jump into the ongoing 3G bandwagon i would attempt to be as brief as probable while presenting my doubts to you. Is utilizing a 3G broadband service suggested for unlimited usage? i have study that unltd usage without cause burdens the entire network in a area, proving unwieldy to other users. Which one is well? tata photon +, or docomo 3G broadband ? Any other choice?

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    Re: Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

    You are having one of the finest plans at the instant if you would like unlimited download. as well as the query regarding utilizing tata photon + or Tata Docomo 3G these choice are like a suicide for those who would like unlimited download. In Photon+ u will find 10 gb limit simply (after that speed 144kbps (18kBps) in the similar price of Rs 1000-11000(incl. taxes) what you are giving now. In docomo 3G you will give 1500-2000+taxes for a 15 gb limit after that your rapidity will go 128kbps (16kBps) which will be a surprise!!

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    Re: Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

    Now you are having 1 mbps with no any fair usage policy and you would have been receiving 120-130 kbps transfer rate utilizing download manager or torrents. Though in photon+ and in docomo 3G you are able to obtain better speed around 2 mbps or more depending upon the distance of tower. In addition there is a normal disconnection issue with the entire wireless connection. If you are a serious downloader who downloads over 15-20 gb per month than you be supposed to better stay on your present plan.

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    Re: Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

    i had observed the plans of docomo 3G, as well as the one I had selected (1 mbps unltd for 1000/-) stated data usage as 5 gb at peak speed. I estimate it as Fair Usage Policy under cover (since no clarification was given regarding it...for newbies like me, it would have been simple to get deception). However you have now clarified the similar thing that i was thoughts! do not go for Unlimited in 3G, it never occur, for publicity bsnl did that things for few more months , after no more unlimited , or if you find it after that you are not able to even get 512kbps

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    Re: Wired connection or wireless 3G for unltd usage

    What is the downtime for mtnl link in Delhi... as well as what is the average time they find responding to it... I am thoughts of shifting (from Airtel 4mbps) to mtnl 1mbps unld plan. Max plan is 1399 (1700 what it appear to be) at present I am paying for Airtel 4mbps. However bec of Fair Usage Policy I am at 256Kbps, I utilize to consume 25GB in 10 days. Previous they relaxed it to 50-60GB as well as now in the 3rd month of plan activation they limited it to 25GB without even informing me.....

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