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Thread: Best 3G data card plan in chennai

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    Best 3G data card plan in chennai


    Could you please help me. I'm new to this forum

    I'm residing in Chennai

    I want a 3g Plug & play data card plan (in Chennai) with following minimum requirements

    1. It should be unlimited
    2. It should be used for both Latopp & Desktop
    3. Tariff should be max. of Rs1000 (min. of 1MBPS)
    4. Also it should give coverage of GPRS/2G services while travelling in rural areas

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    Re: Best 3G data card plan in chennai

    As per my knowledge the Reliance offers the great plan in the Chennai with the great speed and cheapest rate. You will not be charged more then 1000 Rs. for the same. Just contact the reliance customer support and ask about the plan that you are planning for. You can check out more regarding same on link given below.
    Reliance broadband plans in Chennai

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