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Thread: Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

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    Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

    Hello friends. I am MTNL broad brand user. Currently I am using MTNL ADSL wireless router for connectivity. Yesterday I read one article about web crimes. There he mentioned list of web crimes. That time realize how important internet security is. Can you suggest how I can secure my wifi connection to make all my transactions across the web as safe as possible? I do most of transaction using and now desperately need some suggestions from you to make them secure from unknown peoples. I am desperately waiting for your replies. I am not going to do any transaction until I get reasonable answer. Your each and every reply is valuable for me. Thanking in advance.

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    Re: Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

    I am not a internet surfer, but I know the importance of internet security. There are number of tech. exists which secures your internet connection. The one with which I am familiar is Encrypted password technique. As the name suggests this tech. works by converting user password related to all transactions in some pre-define format. So that, any hacker never comes to about your precious software’s. This is simplest and effective tech. used by no. of well known software’s to stop internet crimes. Even big companies in market like google Uses the same tech to secure each and every user identity. I suggest you to use this option to do safe and effective one.

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    Re: Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

    I search on many sites to find different ways to secure internet connections from hackers. There are many tech exists on web to prevent miss use of your critical data. One I found most effective one is controlling access with the help of MAC Address. It is nothing but distinguished ID provided to network interfaces for sack of communication. The advantage of using MAC address is it is difficult to hack that address, because it is assigned by manufacturers of NIC card. Mac address is actually created by following the rules of IEEE i.e. institute of electrical and electronics engineers. which is standard unit maker through the world.

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    Re: Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

    There are two well- known techniques available for secure transaction across the web one is encryption password tech. And other one is using MAC address. After employing this tech., if you want more secure connection than I suggest you to call complaints and suggestions department of MTNL office. There is a number 1504 which provides you 24 * 7 services to solve your problem related to internet connections and security. They will definitely help you to find appropriate solution for your question. If you find this number busy you can make a call to their general help line number for their they will re-direct you to related department.

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    Re: Security configuration of MTNL ADSL wireless router

    I know about encryption technique. Which change your password format while making internet connection and other one is re-directing through MAC address. You can get detailed information about them by referring guides available on web. If you don’t want to search and all that you can purchase the facility provided by hottmaile which secure your connection from their side itself. Once you purchase it there is no need to worry about internet security. If you want more suggestions, you need to search on web or simply visit to your nearest MTNL office. they will definitely solve your query.

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