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Thread: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

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    How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    After sticking to Airtel for one year I have decided to go with the various services that it is actually offering. I have decided to go with the Speed ON Demand. Well I have seen that it is available in the city but I really cannot find it. I am in New Delhi and I have seen in the advertisements that it is available in this city. I really cannot find the way for activating the same. I tried asking for the same to the Customer Service but they said that they are not having such thing. I thought that it will be better to confirm the things; so I just want to know if it is available or not.

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    Re: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    I think that what Customer Service has said was really correct. Well the Speed on Demand is on in Delhi but the thing that you have asked for is not available. I guess that they have started the SOD for all other plans but when it comes to the 4mbps Speed on Demand then I am sure that they have not started that yet. If you want to make further enquiry then you can directly call to the main customer care and see if they can put more light on the things there. IN addition to that if you want you can also pay a visit to the service center and see if that can really help you in knowing if the SOD for 4mbps is available in your city or not. Will let you know about the same if I will find anything in that respect.

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    Re: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    IN my opinion you are not the only one having the issue with the SPEED ON DEMAND from Airtel as I have seen some of the customers complaining about the same thing from different parts of the country. It seems to me that they (Airtel) have just launched the plan but the work is in progress and they will be starting the things soon in this respect. On top of all this I really think that they should have activated the things and then should have made the advertisements for the same. I have also seen that they have mentioned that it is present in all over the country but after seeing your post I have come to know that they have not started the things in Delhi and in Chennai as well. Now I can only hope that they come up with the plans soon so that the customers can enjoy the SOD thing. Will let you know about the same soon.

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    Re: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    I had seen the advertise on the internet and it was saying that this plan is available for the entire country and hence I really want to know what can be the solution for this advertisements. I had seen that the advertisement was saying that the plan for the Broadband is available for all the users that are already using the Airtel Broadband services. I have seen that they have also reduced some of the rates as well. They had mentioned that their customers can enjoy the speed of upto 4mbps and that too for Rs.25/hours in night. I have the 512kbps plan and hence I thought that I can make use of the plans there. The plan was reading that I will be able to have 1mbps speed at the rate of Rs. 30 per hours and that too between 8AM to 10PM and in night i.e. from 10PM to 8AM I will have to spend Rs. 12 per hours. I thought that I will be able to have all this and that too with much ease. In reality it seems to me that this plan is not all activated in some of the parts of the country and hence the unavailability. But I am pretty sure that they will make the necessary changes so that they will not make their customers unhappy at all.

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    Re: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    Thanks for bringing up the information to this forums. I am a user from Mumbai and I think that this SOD from Airtel is available in here. I have seen that the price is not the same for night and day and I would like you to see for the same here as well. I have seen that if you want to have the speed of 512kbps or 1mbps in the night that is from 10PM to 8AM then you will be required to spend Rs. 12 for per hours and if you want to have the 2mbps and 4mbps in the same period then it will be Rs. 20 and Rs. 25 respectively. Same when it comes with the day package I have seen that it is Rs15, 30, 50 and 75 per hour for 512kbps, 1mbps, 2mbps, and 4mbps respectively. I really think that if you are getting the chance then it will be better if you can have the night plan activated so that you can enjoy the SOD with the minimal expense. I will try to have the same for me.

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    Re: How to apply for Airtel sod 4mbps

    Yes after looking at the various posts here I even feel that this plan is just mentioned but not activated yet. In addition to this I would like to see someone from Mumbai saying that they have this plan activated in their case. I guess Mumbai will be lucky to have this plan activated. Just get this done and then let me know if it is available in Mumbai. As I really think that getting the broadband speed boosted is really a nice thing to have here. I will also try to make contact to the service center and will see if there can be any solution in the case below.

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