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Thread: Free Speed Offer for Airtel

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    Free Speed Offer for Airtel

    Guys, I heard about the free speed benefit from Airtel that is SOD which stands for Speed On Demand. I am currently having the MTNL connection and this offer seems to be interesting. Before I can move on to take that offer, I would like to get response from other people who are having this or have any news about this which is not mentioned anywhere while promoting this. Please reply. Thank you.

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    Re: Free Speed Offer for Airtel

    I would like to inform you that it is worth Rs. 1125 and you will get total 15 hours of free with 2 Mb per second surfing on coming next five months. If we calculate then we will get it equal to 3 hours per month. It will provide you discount of Rs. 225 per month but this will be only for first five months and after that you will have to pay the whole. Overall if I see then I can say that this is a good offer but cannot be great offer.

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    Re: Free Speed Offer for Airtel

    Though, this is not very good offer because there are many people who can consume the entire 15 hours in just one to three days. But I believe that getting something is better than getting nothing. So if you don’t have the connection and need a new connection then my recommendation to you is to go with this offer. It will also provide good speed as we all expect this from any service provider. This is my personal opinion to all of you over here and choice is yours. You can select whichever you want.

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    Re: Free Speed Offer for Airtel

    If you need to activate this offer then you can just see the steps below and you can do it very easily.
    1. This offer is valid just for Airtel Broadband subscribers, so confirm you are one.
    2. Go to the Free Speed Offer page and fill up the “Register Now” page.
    3. Once you have posted the form, this plan will be start on your Airtel Broadband connection later than 7 days.

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    Re: Free Speed Offer for Airtel

    Note that you will not have to give anything on behalf of this plan but as you will not be informed of your SOD usage time. I can tell you because it was told to me by Airtel representative. You will have to be careful of your usage time. If the time period exceeded then you will be charged for that and that will be added in your bill. So this is only the thing that you need to take care of if you are going for this plan.

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