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Thread: MTNL Delhi Feedback

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    MTNL Delhi Feedback

    Hey guys I am having Airtel 1Mbps Unlimited plan at the moment. I was thinking of upgrading my connection as I am weary of Airtel FUP thing. I just saw a few good plan from MTNL, like Trib UL Data - 512, providing 1Mbps download as well as 512 Upload speed plus for Rs 999/- where as I am paying Rs 1899/- at present. As a result, I was wondering if you guys be able to assist me out through giving a few feedbacks regarding MTNL. This is about MTNL Delhi. So please help me.

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    Re: MTNL Delhi Feedback

    I donít know regarding Delhi but I am utilizing mtnl 1mbps. I get up to about 200kB/s as well as she does not go lower than 120kB/s download speed. i was up in addition to running in 3 days. I am a very happy customer of MTNL. Been utilizing it for 2 as well as half years now. Could not have asked for extra value. Go for it. If in the beginning you face issues. You have to Contact the local manager as well as keep meeting/calling him until you obtain steady connection.

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    Re: MTNL Delhi Feedback

    Been utilizing MTNL for the past 4 years now, on the whole knowledge has been extremely acceptable. Line man comes as well as does his effort on time, however if there is a main issue which is further than the accepting or level of the line man, after that things be able to obtain quite messy. In order to obtain things completed, you have to talk to senior level public, who between are not hard to approach as well as are very understanding and ready to assist. However there is hardly ever any line connected downtime, if not somebody has decided to steal the MTNL cables.

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    Re: MTNL Delhi Feedback

    I got overbilled two times due to issues in their billing system. You have to take me months to have it sorted out. As a result merely take a partial plan if you have nerves of steel. Bandwidth wise, they are good sufficient for me. Their unlimited plans are huge for the cost with no that fup crap. Upload speeds are capped however not a big bother for me. Pings are changeable. Sometimes outstanding as well as sometimes awful.

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