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Thread: Hayai Broadband Lite plans

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    Hayai Broadband Lite plans

    As you are able to visualize, I spend lots of my waking hours planning as well as assuming regarding each feature of Hayai that one might probably visualize. If I am not responsibility that, I am possibly researching regarding tools, network models, bandwidth optimization, reading the manuals as well as tech specs of equipment from the entire dissimilar vendors. Anyhow, the subject of today's post is that I am thinking regarding offering a kind of "Hayai lite" plan. More than that next we begin venturing in to our accurate flat-rate plans. Obviously these are not intended towards downloader, although almost certainly more intended to "compete" or at least compare with Airtel, Beam, BSNL, Tikona etc a variety of Fair Usage Policy plans. I do not actually like the thought of anybody utilizing 256kbit/s ever, however it would be for those who would like the peace of mind of a fixed price as well as no top ups necessary, however the internet stays on etc.

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    Re: Hayai Broadband Lite plans

    I recognize this has been talk about over and over again, however a 2mbps really unlimited connection (with no Fair Usage Policy) at1300-1500/- pm would assist you to succeed over loads of faithful customers. As well as regarding these plans, I think for the 'light' users, these plans are a bit over cost. In India, the average broadband expense for a family is Rs. 700-800/- maximum. Consequently, the ones termed as light users will be contented spending just regarding Rs. 500 pm max. This is completely my private suggestion.

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    Re: Hayai Broadband Lite plans

    The tainted speed is as well low. It is supposed to be 768kbps, or at nastiest, 512. 256 kbps is unfeasible for most multimedia applications. I have the same opinion like you. I as well would like to observe 2mbps unlimited at 1500/- sorts. Though the lite plans are as well good plus 100GB is plenty of data however then as well be cut off too 256kbps is not so fine .it be supposed to be more like 1mbps if 100 GB is go beyond .

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    Re: Hayai Broadband Lite plans

    As this is absolutely right for "lite" users, I am not certain people who are paying at least Rs. 999 will be light users. The entire lite users you will locate are public having tariff plans under 600 Rs with other ISPs. Whoever is paying more than that is somebody paying attention in downloading movies the entire night. In its place of creating such lite plans, can you just put in a 320kbps/512kbps connection after you are done with the present data plans limit? Yes you would not call them data plans to any further extent. Will that be possible for you? If you make such plan even I am able to believe of affording you.

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    Re: Hayai Broadband Lite plans

    This is a reality that the light users like uncles as well as aunts who utilize internet hardly ever at home would not give as much as 1000 cash a month no substance what the profit are. My fufa ji has the airtel 256kbps Unlimited account. Similar is the situation with my neighbor uncle. Both have extremely limited usage of internet (doing emails once in a while). However the money they use for it is too high for what they perform with the connection. For them a plan where they are charge as per their usage would be a better plan. Particularly with simple access to usage.

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