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Thread: Internet in India

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    Internet in India

    Hi guys, people call me Tatz and I live in Canada. I also frequently visit India too in the Punjab area but I never use the internet out there. I know India has a large population of users who use the mobile, but how many of them regularly access the internet? Also how is the internet speed out there? Are websites for example youtube fairly slow or pretty fast? Enough to be satisfied? Im thinking maybe the speed varies in different parts of the country too eh, but I know internet is growing pretty rapidly out there. How do you guys feel about the internet infrastructure in the future?

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    Re: Internet in India

    India has taken big leap for high speed internet access. But this is more limited to professional clients rather to common man. You can get the best from wired line internet connection, but in the same case wifi needs some time to settle down. India has wide access for internet and telecommunication. What lack here is the stability. You might also be aware that India also has a very broad market for IT. I only found with the regular wifi access where you might not get a better speed on a usb modem.

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