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Thread: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

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    Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    I have recently got Airtel 3G data card which was given to me by my relative they have purchased it from aboard. As this technology is really new for India, I think here only MTNL provide with the 3G service. So I want to use MTNL SIM on my Airtel data card for which I want to unlock it, but I don’t have exact idea about how to resolve it. If anyone having solution for unlocking the 3G data card from Airtel please let me know as I am not able to use it till now because of this unlocking issue of data card.

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    Yes you can unlock your Airtel data card online for which you need to follow below steps as:
    1.Remove the Airtel SIM from your data card afterwards place any other Operators Sim Card as you said you want to use MTNL.
    2.Go online open official website and enter your data card IMEI number which is mentioned on the Card. Enter the Security code then press Calculate, they will provide you with 2 Codes that are Unlock Code and Flash Code.
    3.After above step attach your data card to Computer, you will see window which will ask for entering the Unlock code there enter the Unlock Code which is given by above website after which issue will be resolved and your Card will unlock.
    This can be the best way to resolve locking problem with your Airtel data card.

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    You can easily unlock your Airtel 3G data card from the software application specially created to do the thing and that you can get for free. There are many applications available to resolve your unlocking problem with Airtel data card but for that you need to provide them with your device IMEI number which is there with every data card. You need to just use the application by installing that on your system after which you will be able to use any 3G providing operators such as MTNL which is only provider in India till now.

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    I think only solution to this problem of your is just download and install the software applications which provide you with the unlock code and flash code. You can use both this code for unlocking your Airtel 3G data card after which you will be able to use any of the SIM card for 3G service. I think you will get the unlock software application from the official website and install it on your system for unlocking data card.

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    I have been trying to unlock Airtel 3G data card from the software application but i was not able to do so because of the compatibility issue with the computer system. But i have just resolved the issue by online website which provide the unlocking code by providing the IMEI number after which i got my unlock for my model. After which now i am able to work with MTNL SIM with my Airtel data card i think similar thing will also work of you for sure.

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    Hi I am using AirTel 3G with Huawei data card Model 173Bu-1 (E1731).
    I searched for the application software on Huawei site but found no such software or link where I can get unlock code. Even Huawei stall told that they don't have unlock code. Device is locked my Airtel and Airtel can provide unlock code.
    Can u please provide me link from whre I can get unlock code or the application software.

    Need Help...

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    Re: Need to unlock Airtel 3G data card

    hello you can use make use the universal unlocker software and after that you can unlock code. go to the browser and after that make serch for the universal unlocker software and you will get this software and this is for free.

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