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Thread: Airtel 3G unlimited plan

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    Airtel 3G unlimited plan

    I have been using Airtel 2G service from a long time and now I have decided to upgrade it to 3G service. I have heard that Airtel was supposed to launch its 3G service by this Diwali but Diwali went away and I still unable to see anything related to it. So I thought to ask here if they have really launched their 3G service. If Airtel already have launched it then can you give me some of the best plans, preferably unlimited plan, for my Airtel 3G ? It doesn't matter to me if it is costly, I just want the best service.

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    Re: Airtel 3G unlimited plan

    I think Airtel has already introduced 3g plan for its connection. But it was already told by them that 3G service will not going to come cheap. However I don't think they have any unlimited plans for affordable cost. This is because you have only 5 MHz of spectrum on which you have to also prevent network congestion. So you have to share your network with others to provide complete coverage.
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    Re: Airtel 3G unlimited plan

    Why don't you change your sim card? You can go for BSNL/MTNL connection which is the first company to provide 3G service and has exciting offers of its users. You should find some unlimited plans also with its connection. However, if you don't want to change your card, then you have to wait for Airtel to launch attractive and cheaper 3G plans which may also include some unlimited plans.
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    Re: Airtel 3G unlimited plan

    What is your Airtel connection type: prepaid or postpaid? If you are having prepaid connection, then according to me standard plan is suitable for you. The data transfer costs 20p/50kb of data download. In this plan, the local voice calls will be charged at Rs 1/minute, the STD calls will be at Rs 1.5/min and the sms would be charged at Rs 1/sms. However, if you are a postpaid customer, then there is another standard plan. In this plan, you pay Rs 49 per month and data download charges would be 0.10ps/ 10kb.

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    Re: Airtel 3G unlimited plan

    There is no unlimited plan for a prepaid customer for Airtel 3G user. Airtel does not provide any unlimited plans for its users who are having prepaid connection. However, if you are a postpaid customer then you can enjoy unlimited surfing with a nominal rate of Rs 999 per month. According to this plan, you get 100 free sms also. But there is no discount or offers for call rates in this plan. This will be charged to you as per standard rates. But if you want it, then you can go for an additional monthly hire plan of Rs 149. With this you will get a tariff of Rs 1.99/min for a local call and Rs 2.99/min for an STD call. The National sms will cost Rs 2 whereas international sms would cost Rs 5.

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