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Thread: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

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    Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

    Hi guys, I came to know that Reliance Mobile the GSM and CDMA mobile service of the Reliance Communications have some plane that allow us to do unlimited Local Night Callings to all the Reliance GSM and CDMA numbers across the India. Is that true and if yes then please tell me that how can I activate that. If you have any extra knowledge regarding this then please let me know of that. Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

    Yes, you are right. The plan that you are talking about is known as STV-59. This will provide you the Unlimited Local Night Callings to any GSM and CDMA Reliance mobile phone. This call can be to any number across India. I would like to tell you that this plan is for all the prepaid subscribers who are in Mumbai and Maharashtra-Goa Circles. This is the best plan if you have many Reliance contacts. You can talk for unlimited time. I am using this plan and I think that it is the best plan for me because many of my friends are using the same provider. You should also activate it.
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    Re: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

    STV-59 is the best plan from the Reliance mobile. You will be able to make the unlimited Reliance to Reliance local calls. The timing for the calls is between 11 pm to 6 am. And if we talk about the rates for the other calls then you will be charges 50% less from the normal charges in the night. Once you activated the STV59 plan then it will be valid for one month from the date of activation. According to me this is the best tariff plan from the reliance. I am happy with this and I recommend you to do this recharge and take the benefit of that.
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    Re: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on reliance Mobile

    Here are the details the Reliance STV-59 plan.
    Price: MRP Rs. 59.
    Validity: 1 month.
    • All calls from Reliance to Reliance are free (Unlimited).
    • You will be charged paisa per second if you are per second billing customer. This will be applicable to all the local and STD calls to any network.
    • If you have 50p/sec plan then you will be charged 25p/sec for all the STD and local calls to any network.

    If we see overall then we can conclude that it is the best plan for all the Reliance customers with any activated plan.
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    Re: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

    This pack is really nice for the users who make more calls in night. But I don’t think that there are many users who make calls in night. They should also launch such offers for the day calling. I like the plan but I can nit activate that because I never make calls after 10 pm so if I do recharge with that then this will not be more than the waste of money. I am not saying that it is bad but it depends on your calling time.

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    Re: Unlimited Local Night Calling Pack on Reliance Mobile

    Reliance also has just launched it's 3G Services. They are offering speeds upto 28 mbps, compared to DOCOMO which gives speeds of 21 mbps.

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