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Thread: What is the speed of CDMA 1x

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    What is the speed of CDMA 1x

    I have recently purchased a new usb modem from MTS. I have seen that there are two options available on MTS applicaton which are broadand and CDMA 1x. I have information about the broadband but I don’t have any information about the CDMA 1x. In broadband mode internet was working fast and fine but when I switched to the CDMA 1x mode then internet became very slow and I also got frequent disconnection. Somebody please tell me about this CDMA 1x.

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    Re: What is the speed of CDMA 1x

    The thing is that CDMA 1x is very old if it is compared with EVDO in terms of Speed and Performance. The maximum that the CDMA 1x can offer is 144 Kbps but now its successor EVDO can offer upto speed of 2.4mbps. How much speed you were getting with your broadband mode? Most of the devices are also based on how much speed output they can give and if it is limited to speed then it will not give you much of the speed for what you expect.

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    Re: What is the speed of CDMA 1x

    MTS has presented itself newly in the telecommunications market as a solution to a segment of users who require high performance and wireless connections at faster speeds. This service is based on 3G EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized in English) which is a standard protocol for radio interface that provides access to data wirelessly at high speeds. 3G EVDO technology is the evolution of CDMA 1X family.

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    Re: What is the speed of CDMA 1x

    The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) usually uses advanced mathematical techniques which will be able to allow many wireless devices to transmit at the same time on the same frequency. All the devices, including the mobile phone is actually assigned to a unique mathematical signature. It uses this signature to the original signal and transmits the modified signal and then the receiver applies the inverse of the mathematical operation to recover the original signal.

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    Re: What is the speed of CDMA 1x

    CDMA 1X was successfully launched in Brazil by Vivo in April 2002 and has been instrumental in cementing the position of technology and market leader of the subsidiary of Telefonica Moviles in the Brazilian market. This transfer of technologies demonstrating the ability to transfer mobile phone synergies and best practices within their group. Recently, Telefonica Moviles, operator managed by Telefonica Moviles Chile, became the first operator in Latin America to launch EDGE services on GSM, which allows transmission speeds of 474 Kbps.

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