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Thread: Dish TRU HD vs. SUN Direct HD

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    Dish TRU HD vs. SUN Direct HD

    I am staying in Mumbai I am looking to buy new dht hd service for my new hd television. But the problem is actually I need a cheap dth service. And I have heard that dish tv and sun direct has released Dish tru hd and Sun direct hd. I want to what is the difference between in these two hd services. Because I don’t have any information about these dth provides, someone please help me to solve my problem.

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    Re: Dish TRU HD vs. SUN Direct HD

    I am using Sun direct HD dth service for my television. But there is a problem with this DTH service. This offers only two high definition channels are National geographic Channel HD and Discovery HD World. And there is no other channels in except these two. So there is no meaning to buy Sun TV Direct HD. That’s why I would like to suggest you not to buy and also if you are going to buy this then it is waste of money. You will atleast need some additional channels for the entertainment purpose. Or else you wont enjoy having the DTH service.

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    Re: Dish TRU HD vs. SUN Direct HD

    HD channels in Dish Tru HD and Sun Direct HD

    Dish TV HD
    • Zee Cinema HD
    • Zee TV HD
    • National Geographic HD
    • Discovery HDWorld

    Sun Direct HD
    • National Geographic HD
    • Discovery HD World

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    Re: Dish TRU HD vs. SUN Direct HD

    Dish TV is brings to you high definition service known as Dish TV Tru HD. Even although HD service was given before, pricing was much high however now nearly all service providers like SUN Direct, Airtel, Reliance are offering economical package. You must just rethink once before buying a package which quiet matters. If you go with a regular one then you wont really enjoy it. If you are having a lcd tv then you must go with one that comes loaded with various channels.

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    For the time being it is good to ignore hd services. Because that is quiet costly. It is good to go with budget one where you can enjoy a few good channels. Soon many service providers are going to offer you channel choices on the basis of your requirement. You can select channels and pay for only those. That will help a lot. For HD you have to upgrade the set top box also that is going to cost more.

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