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Thread: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

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    How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    I am having ADSL modem and BSNL DNA-A211-I router. I want to connect my Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi. as this will help me to connect multiple wired an wifi devices at the same time using the router. Can any one give me the detailed information how can I connect it for wifi? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestion.

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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    Steps for physical connections assuming that your broadband comes in a cable similar to a telephone cable:
    Remove the non-wifi router you are currently using. Replace it with the ADSL router + modem DNA-A2211-I. The cable from Reliance splitter will go into slot named DSL and a LAN cable would be connected via any of the Ethernet slots on one end and the on the other end connects to the computer LAN slot.

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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    If you have done the physical setting properly now you can follow these instruction for computer LAN settings:
    1] Right click on the Network properties icon. This will read local area connection. You can see your connection properties- status: Connected, Duration: 02:21:12, speed: 100.0Mbps.
    2] select Properties and click Internet protocol and set the values similar to this as mentioned below. After this click OK and Repair connection by Right clicking on network properties and choose Repair to be on safer side.
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway:
    DNS server address:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    I have a reliance broadband wired connection it is connected at my residence and it is directly connected to my computer but I need to connect it via router. I am having a Linkys WRT54GS router. I stay in delhi, Can any one provide any suggestion so that I can connect my BSNL Broadband connection via router.
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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    Follow the below instruction to setup the Router:
    Open the Internet Explorer and type in the URL and press enter.Enter user ID-admin and password-admin or password. This will open Router setting page and In the set up screen go to WAN and set VPI as 0 and VCI as 35. Click next and in the next screen select Connection Type as MAC encapsulation Routing(MER) this is also known as Dynamic mode in some routers.Don't change any other valus. Select WAN IP and select the option button "Obtain an IP address automatically".In network address translation setting enable NAt,Firewall, WAn service and save settings. Go to LAN in router menu and set to standard mode and Disable DHCP. Save the setting and reboot and mow you would be able to connect from your device.
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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    This setup is with ADSL modem+router that does both the functions of a modem and router and this will replace the non-wifi Reliance router. But it is also possible to set wifi over Reliance Broadband using a Broadband router so that you will retain non-wifi modem/router and could additionally connect a Broadband router. That's you will have two seperate boxes for modem and router functions. I have used this setting and it was working fine. Just keep in mind that the Input box would be different in each case. ADSL modem plus router input seems to be like a telephone cable but a Broadband router takes a LAN type cable for I/P.

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    re: How to connect Reliance Wired Broadband connection for Wifi

    If you are having a Broadband connection that requires the web login then you are out of luck because your router can not log on and share this connection easily. If you are having this connection then you are need to connect it to your computer and then connect the router in access point mode to the 2nd NIC if you have an motherboard with two LAN cards otherwise but a PCI. Then you are suppose to share the first connection under windows as this will share this connection with router and then you would be able to access the Internet with multiple devices. If you are having a DSL connection then you just need to plug the modem output to router in access point mode.

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