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Thread: Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

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    Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

    Hi i am using the Airtel network for my landline phone connection from last few months, It served me the best till now but yesterday when i tried to contact with the Viewsonic's toll free number and i was not able to connect that number each time i dialed that number the call was disconnected automatically, Here is the number that i was dialing from last few hours:- 1-800-688-6688 . As it is a toll free number of the Viewsonic customer care and i guess that they should allow such calls to be made. Actually i made a call to them cause it was an emergency to me because my monitor is facing some kind of problem and it is showing some severe shadowing effects.

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    Re: Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

    It seems to me that you are on the restricted call zone of the Airtel, It is nothing but that Airtel does not allow such calls to be made and also it may have happen that you may have dialed a wrong number if this is the case that what you have to do is just try and dial a correct number and in the other case if the number seems to be right than first you have to contact the Airtel customer care and let then know your problem , I hope that they will help you in this case for sure.

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    Re: Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that it is not an serious issue, As mentioned by you the number that you have dialed was an old and number and currently that number is not valid. I guess that you have been misguided by someone to that number . I can help you in this case by giving you the right and the valid number and here is the one -: 1800-266-0101. Just try out this one i am sure that this one will connect and problem will be solved.

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    Re: Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

    I was also facing the similar kind of problem a few days ago with my monitor and that too was of the viewsonic company, The other thing here is that my monitor use to go off in few minutes, But in your case it is quite different don't worry the they will fix it. If you are not able to contact them through the phone than try to visit the customer care near by you and meet them personally. Once you place a complaint there then they will solve your problem in one or two days for sure. The other thing is that if you don't know the exact location of the customer care center of viewsonic then try and contact Just Dial you can get the address as well as the number from them.

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    Re: Toll Free Numbers from Airtel number

    I don’t think that it’s a big issue. Many times it happens due to some network problem or call forwarding problem.

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