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Thread: BSNL Broadband Usage

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    BSNL Broadband Usage

    I really wonder why BSNL is doing nothing to ensure that the broadband users can easily open the concerned page to know about their usage.Will the concerned authorities improve the technology to be more transparent just as the private service prividers.I hope BSNL does look into the matter.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    Instead of getting info on banl broadband usage, try to use NetWorX software to keep track of your usage from now. Any error can be compared later with BSNl readings. Confirm your consumer number as shown in Telephone bill has 8 digits only. Then you can check your usage without using any ID and password.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    well m not getting the way to see my usage (bsnl BB)
    please help me out!!!!
    i am a new user to the internet as well as bsnl BB........SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    my phone no.241144 .I want broadband usage detail

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    If you have a bsnl broadband connection then I guess bsnl has created an web account for your connection. The user name and the password for your account will be handed to you by bsnl. You will find all the details of your broadband connection in your account.

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    This is so embarassing and too irritating.
    I never get into the desired page whenever i want to open it with IE8 it says page error and not able to enter my ID and Password even though the desired page is opened. I have tested in many Browsers that i will be logged in only after several minutes trying on it. Sometimes i feel of crashing my Computer because of these things
    Why these BSNL peoples not opening their eyes and try to make it easier for the customers to check on everything (on their account deatils, Usage details etc,.)?

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    Re: BSNL Broadband Usage

    Well, i too agree that there is some problem with BSNL services but i dont think that it will crash your system. If it is happening than there is some problem with your system itself. The only think i can suggest you is better change the service. Where do you stay ? So that i can suggest you some good broadband provider in your area.

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