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Thread: satellite tv viewing problem

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    satellite tv viewing problem

    Hello everybody,
    I am reliance big tv subsciber from baroda,india.In this rainy season my tv viewing becomes snow like.Can I cover the dish antenna with plastic beaker to avoid rain drops falling on the dish?

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    Re: satellite tv viewing problem

    Yes, offcourse. But you have to make sure that the device should not get rap in the plastic, it will effect the signal strength . You should make it like a tent to prevent it from the direct rain drops. There will not be a problem if it gets little bit of rain yet after covering it.

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    Re: satellite tv viewing problem

    Try to contact the service provider for that. It is very common that dish network does not work well during bad season. Then later on as the weather goes well your signal is much clear. This happens with every DTH service. You can cover the dish to protect the same from rain but that will not improve the signal strength. During this rainy season in most part of India this is a common issue.

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