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Thread: Railwire Review

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    Railwire Review

    Hello, My brother is a Railwire Broadband user and i want to know as much as possible things about this broadband service. Is there anybody who can give me the proper review of Railwire Broadband. I just know that it has been provided in very much low cost but as i could not be in contact with my brother for some time, i am not able to collect an information about the same from him.

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    Railwire Broadband : Subsidary of Indian Railways.

    Broadband speed has reached to the higher levels but not its charges, You should thanks to Railwire which is a subsidary of Indian Railways. This new Internet Service Provider (ISP) do not need to think about the land acquisition costs because they are using the land of the train track for setting up the Optical Fibre cables which is the main reason behind its lower costs, which they are passing on to the customers. 256 Kbps unlimited broadband just in Rs. 320.
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    Re: Railwire Review

    One main thing i liked about this RailWire Broadband is that they have hired a people providing the quality service. Actually i have experienced it as when i called them and they have answered my all the questions very much correctly and completely. Even they have replied within two hour to my email. Unluckily this service have not yet cam to my area, It is just up to the Whitefield & Marathahalli areas as of now but going to spread up soon.

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    Re: Railwire Review

    I am living near the brookefields, Bangalore. I have took this RailWire broadband connection and i think this is not worth buying it. This internet connections drops so often and each time it takes 3-4 days to fix it up. I would never suggest anybody to buy this connection at least for sometime as they are not providing the service as per the expectation. But you may take it after they are settled properly but i do not think that it is going to happen anytime as our Railway has been attached to it.

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    Re: Railwire Review

    I am experiencing the pure Indian Service regarding my new Railwire Broadband . My connection has been lost many times and when i try to contact the support phone number then it always remains engaged and after connecting with then after some about half hour hard work, I some great solutions.
    Engineer of the Railwire suggest me to have a discussion with the cable guy and when i talked with the cable guy then he told me go back to the Railwire.

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    Re: Railwire Review

    Hey Zavier, reading your problems while dealing with the ISP of Railway Broadband, It reminds me one famous character called as Musaddilaal who always mess with the Indian Government things. I was about to buy this connections but i guess i should change my decision as just for saving money or buying a cheaper connections should not useless as it would be wasting all of the money if i do not even get the slower speed.

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    Re: Railwire Review

    I have one friend in a Bangalore and he gave me a good review about his Railwire connection. He is using 2 mbps connection and he is getting download speed is always above 1.9 mbps and the upload speed is always above 1.7 mbps.
    In addition to this they have told him that if download speed decreases then he can complain about the same and issue would get resolved. It seems pretty good service but I guess it will take some time to be like that in all the areas.
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