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Thread: No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

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    No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

    Hello. I have a Tata Sky DTH connection at home. The problem is that it do not provide less channels. Infact may good music channels like ETC,B4U MUSIC ,MUSIC INDIA ,Z MUSIC are missing. Even there is no radio channels. I am really disappointed with it. Have no idea what to do? Hope to get a better solution for the same. Do help me out. Thank you.

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    Re: No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

    You need to wait for the new combo pack or may opt for good plans that may be released. You will get the new channels and then make them to get the service with good output. Check out for the new schemes and plan that they may be providing. They may be having some new schemes providing all channels that you need.

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    Re: No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

    Change to other dth services plan that has good services and better channel provider. You may get almost all the channels in New TATA sky plus active service. Switch to the new service. You will then get all the application to work out that is been needed and hence the radio channels will thus be used too. So i hope switching to the new plan may help you in a lot better way.

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    Re: No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

    There is another service that is Videocon DTH service which has a lot better service and plan. So do check out for the same that may help you to get the things to work out well. In order to make the channels that you need to be worked switch to the new videocon service. It will help you to get the issue to be

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    Re: No radio channels,3 hindi muzik channels

    The channels can be used or get activated by changing the plan. You need to work out for the same. As far as Radio channels are concerned were worth when the FM revolution was not started. But please mind that.... The Radio channels are still benefit to the people who stay away from their home town and they can listen their local programs through DTH. So look out for the thing and then implement accordingly.

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