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Thread: Big tv account cancellation

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    Big tv account cancellation

    Hi friends,
    I am really getting irritated with the BigTV. I was facing many issues with the BigTV so I thought to cancel the account of it. Now for canceling the account when I am calling the Big TV Customer Care, I am getting no proper response from their side. Is there any procedure to cancel an account of it.?? Please help me in canceling an account of BigTV. Hoping that atleast someone from this forum will help me.!!
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    Re: Big tv account cancellation

    Hi warehouse peon,
    I have never heard about any standard process for canceling or deleting an account of the BigTV. Once I have asked the same thing to the customer care of the BigTV, they replied that if you want to cancel your subscription, then you have to left inactive your account. Hope that your problem will get solved. Once your account is canceled then you can go for another one.

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    Re: Big tv account cancellation

    Even I think the same. If you are not getting the proper reply from the customer care, then why you want to follow the process. I would suggest you to leave your account without any subscription and do not recharge and wait till when account amount finish. Once your time gets expired then they will not ask you to recharge.

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    Re: Big tv account cancellation

    I was having the same issue, I asked the same to BIG TV CC. They did not know the process. They told me to take the STB to the same place from where I had bought it and return. Of course you don't get any refund. Later they will takeaway the dish. This is the only way that I know about which is really very bad.

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    Re: Big tv account cancellation

    I think that 'Cadallic' did the incorrect thing. If you are paying for the dish then you are owner of it and you cannot just give them. You can do whatever you want to do.!! Just don't recharge it, your account will get canceled and then later you can sell your dish. Only the thing you should know that you will have to wait till your account gets expired. There is no other process even if you want an account to be canceled immediately.
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