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Thread: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

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    How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    Hi everybody,
    I just want to know that how many SMS and phone numbers we can store on the 3G Sim. Mainly I want to ask you guys that how much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity? Hope that someone will answer to my query soon.
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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    The iPhone, the company Apple Inc. , is a smart phone to access multimedia internet , touch screen (technology multitouch) and interface hardware minimalist. Since it lacks a keyboard physical, one virtual shown on the screen. The 3G iPhone has a camera of 3 Megapixels and a music player (equivalent to the iPod ) in addition to software for sending and receiving text messages and voice messages. It also offers Internet services such as reading email , upload web pages and Connectivity Wi-Fi.
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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    The SIM card is inserted into a slot at the top of the device, and can be removed with the help of a clip or a specific tool that is included in the pack of iPhone 3G. In most countries, iPhone only accepts the SIM card mobile phone company that sells them, which prevents the use by customers of other companies. But there is a free option, this device, which is to release the phone to any company in the world, through software, welding or TurboSim. Iphone software for each there is a special program to unlock, the iPhone 3G and 3G.
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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    So far, all we have ever used mobile SIM cards 'normal', which we have been using since moving there more than 10 years ago in the iPhone or other mobile. Although there are some differences in memory capacity and therefore contact number so you can accommodate in its interior, has never changed its form (beyond the shape of the chip contacts or color / design that gives the operator). The IPAD 3G MicroSim cards used, ie smaller cards, which until now did not know.

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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    I think same as 2g. MTNL 2G and 3G cards are same, so i guess its same. i think they all are 32bit SIMs. I also think that BSNL also comes with 128k & 256k variants - 256k can hold up to 500 contacts. Hope that you were looking for the same.
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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    Now you can manage GSM, 3G and Nextel SIM card and read SMS messages. Do not waste your valuable time handling contacts with the cumbersome phone keypad and small screen, use the computer and SIM Manager instead. SIM Manager is an advanced management tool for SIM card, which offers a simple way to organize the address book of a SIM card, as well as process other data stored on the SIM card, as the SMS archive, the list of numbers fixed dialing, last dialed numbers, etc. The SIM Manager allows you to manage the security codes of a SIM or USIM card, to enable or disable the PIN codes, changing them, or unlock a locked SIM card.

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    Re: How Much is a 3G Sim Card Capacity?

    SIM Manager comes with a backup mechanism, which enables you to make copies of your SIM cards and use them if a card is lost or stolen, or when a copy of a SIM card is necessary. The SIM card manager is fully compatible with Nextel and 3G SIM cards, while maintaining compatibility with older GSM cards. This makes it possible to synchronize the contents of different SIM cards when switching from one mobile network to another.

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