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Thread: Problems increasing in tata sky plus

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    Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    Hello friends,
    I am really getting frustrated with the problems increasing in tata sky plus. Many times I am not able to rewind live TV. For doing the rewind I always have to restart the stb every alternate day which is very painful for me. And sometimes if luckily the rewind works in live tv then cant play rewinded stuffs. I have tried many things but nothing worked. So please help me in solving this issue.
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    Re: Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    I am also using the Tata Sky plus but I never seen such issues. I think that there should be something wrong with your STB. So I like to suggest you to change your STB. Maybe your functions of rewinding will start working properly after changing that.

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    Re: Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    I would like to tell you that you should try to setup the whole thing again. Many times when you reset the settings or setup the whole things again, the problems get solved. Anyways there are a lot of issues with the TATA Sky '+' stb once it gets old. So also try to change the set top box which would be the cause of an issue.

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    Re: Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    Many times there are issues of screen freezing, hangs at completely blue screen while changing channel, recording incomplete or even problem like unable to replay recorded programs. All this happens because of the set top box. Many of these issues sorted out when the STB is restarted but others prevail intermittently. So try to restart the STB everytime or otherwise you will have to change your STB. Now this depends on you.

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    Re: Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    Even i am facing many problems with the Tata sky plus. I think that I should go for the Airtel IPTV. But I am not sure that IPTV has PVR Functions.!? So once I confirm about it I will sure go for that.!! As far as your issue is consider I think that you should change your STB as other said.
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