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Thread: AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

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    AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

    Hello to all,
    I am planning to buy a cool new Google Nexus one. I know that Airtel doesn't have 3g service. I have heard that they will launch this service till Oct 2010. Can anyone tell me exact date of launching of this service by airtel. If they will launch this, then what will be there Band. It means on which band they would operate? I need AIRTEL 3G Band information.
    Thank you.

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    Re: AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

    Hey as per my information you have to wait until deepawali to get airtel 3g service on your mobile phone. I think they have only provide such type of service to only apple iphone. It is difficult to say exact band information at this time. Why don't you directly asked this information to customer care of the Airtel. Just call at 121.
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    Re: AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

    Why don't you use MTNL 3G instead of Airtel 3G. With MTNL 3G you get following service.

    Video Calling: With 3G you will not only hear voice of your loved ones but also watch them live simultaneously. Indulge in face to face conversations with your friends or business partners even when you are miles apart.

    High Speed Broadband Internet: Experience super speed browsing at work, at home or on the move with 3G at broadband speeds. Download music, videos, clips, games and much more at never before speeds with 3G and access the world of Internet on your mobile anytime anywhere.
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    Re: AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

    As per my knowledge all the 3g GSM spectrum is in the 2100mhz band. This is used by the MTNl 3G and I think airtel will also use this band. I think in the normal case all the 3G user have 2100mhz band. They are planing to start this service in the end of the 2010. I hope they will launch this very earlier.

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    Re: AIRTEL 3G Band info needed

    I think Airtel is using spectrum of over 10mhz in 900mhz band for 2G gsm in most of the cities. I think most of the people look out for the Airtel 3g service. If they will launch 3G service in the india then will give 900mhz spectrum for 3g. Just confirm with the customer care of the airtel.
    I hope this will help you.

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