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Thread: 3g data card for bb in laptop

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    question 3g data card for bb in laptop

    Hi mates,

    I am interested in knowing about BSNL 3G data card /others for laptops.

    I am working abroad ,hence my visits to home are limited. However i would like to have some srt of inet connection, that i could use during these days. I do not want to obtain the cable bb connection as its a clumsy and costly
    process as is just for few days..

    * regarding the bsnl 3g card, what are ur opinion? (i need the inet for basic purpose, no high end uses)

    * are there similar connections by other companies, whats ur kind opinion about them (3g/others?)

    * the 3g usb (bsnl) seems to cost about 2500 or so, has anyone heard of some rental program for the same?(i believed i read about it smewhere, something of rs.150 pm)

    * how long wud it take for me to get a bsnl 3g connection, do i have to wait endlessly??( i maybe cming for few weeks, hence i dnt wanna risk wasting time, by applying after i get there)

    * could anyone please outline me whats the general procdure for the same?and where i could obtain it

    * iam based at kerala, tvm, are there any better options available for me?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: 3g data card for bb in laptop

    Yes BSNL 3G data card are known for providing good internet connection. The data cards cost about Rs. 2500 and the data plans from 149 Rs per month to 999 Rs per month depending on the plan you select. You can select the plan according to the bandwidth usage required. Other than BSNL, you can also opt for IDEA data cards or TATA photon+.

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    Re: 3g data card for bb in laptop

    You will need to contact the customer service rep to get to your place for the card. The best way I suggest is to visit any authorized DSA of BSNL, there you can on the spot get all plans details and your usage requirements. I am right now using data card of Reliance. The speed is not so good but quiet nice for traveling.

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    Re: 3g data card for bb in laptop

    There is number internet service provider by you can any one them which is suites you. But now a days the TATA photon plus is provide good service for internet connection and the speed is upto 3.1MBPS. And the USB modem is available is available for Rupees 2399 only and also offers you 1 GB of data absolutely free.
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