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Thread: Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

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    Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

    I am having the Tata Docomo as the service provider and i have heard that the Tata Docomo has launched the new SMS plan in the market. So i want to know the new SMS plans launched by the Tata Docomo for Maharashtra circle. As i send lots of messages everyday, so i am thinking of activating the SMS plan on my number. Provide the information as early as possible.

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    Re: Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

    You are having the Tata docomo service provider and you want to know the SMS pack launched by the tata docomo for the Maharashtra region customers. Althogh if you are having the prepaid connection of the tata docomo then you get the 100 SMS free per day after sending the 3 paid messages and first 3 messages will cost you 60 paise/SMS.
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    Re: Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

    The TATA Docomo has recently launched the new SMS pack for its customers. If you want to send the local as well as the National SMS then you can activate the Rs 30 SMS Pack. In this SMS Pack you will get the 600 Local and National SMS free of cost. After this much the normal SMS rates will apply. The Validity period will be of 30 Days.
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    Re: Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

    If you do not want to spend the Rs 30 at a time then tata Docomo has one more SMS Pack available. Take the Rs 10 SMS pack. In this SMS Pack the user will get 100 local SMS pack free for the validity period of the 30 days. So if this 100 SMS gets over before 30 days then you can again recharge with Rs 10 avail this offer. So it is upto you which plan you select according to your needs.
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    Re: Tata Docomo SMS Pack for Maharashtra circle

    Both of this SMS plans are available for the prepaid as well as for the postpaid customers of the Tata Docomo in the Maharashtra circle. The Tata Docomo is also providing the unlimited GPRS plans for its customers. So you should visit the website of the tata docomo and know what are the different offers available from the tata docomo for its customers.

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