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Thread: Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.

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    Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.


    I want to install a internet connection for my Laptop and i find reliance broadband is the good option. But i am confused over Prepaid or postpaid connection, Which one is best. Please suggest. Thanks in advance. My location is mumbai.

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    Re: Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.

    I think the reliance Netconnect post paid plan is best for you , It is just available on to pay Rs. 3500/- and get Broadband+ USB Modem. You can choose any plan of your choice and get monthly discount of Rs. 200/- for 12 months on any monthly rental plan above Rs. 1000/-. Reliance postpaid plan has also offered free rental first month to his customer. Go get it any reliance shop.

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    Re: Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.

    I am using Reliance Netconnect Broadband plus prepaid plans in my laptop. I had paid just Rs.3500/- to get a Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ USB Modem. They also offered for Life time Validity and FREE data usage of 10 GB valid for a period of 30 days. If you want to additional usage , then it will cost Rs.1per MB. I choose 1 GB prepaid plan and it cost Rs 715 per month. You can also select 10 plans that is available in Reliance Netconnect prepaid.
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    Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.

    Reliance is also offering a limited time offer where in if you prepaid for 12 months under 650 Rs monthly unlimited plan with 1Gb data usage limit. You can also opt for swift 40 plan which costs 400 Rs/month for 2 years with 20 hrs. day, 20 hrs. night access, this offer is similar to the offer from tata indicom plug 2 surf. You should visit your near reliance Web World for more information about this.
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    Reliance Broadband - Postpaid Vs.Prepaid.

    Reliance has excellent prepaid offers for new clients to offer web surfing experience. You can now enjoy 3.1 Mpbs speed for music downloads, gaming, live TV, video chat also remain connected to expand all your possibilities while you are at home to move. You would need just Rs 3,550 to get this offer and enjoy. Once you get the connection you get 10 GB usage for one month and then lifetime validity. Just you to pay the price for the next plan after a month you wish. Use this and reply, how was the experience.
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