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Thread: I need to rent fast speed internet in chennai

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    I need to rent fast speed internet in chennai

    I need to get access to fast speed internet connection in chennai where I can plug in my laptop and do some downloads. I will pay by the hour. I understand airtel has 16 mbps , i will be getting that hookup in bangalore where I will be moving, but for now I need to download some files and am in chennai.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: I need to rent fast speed internet in chennai

    If the data you want to download is not much then you can go for a Wireless internet. I am sure many operators must be providing Data cards which can be plugged in through USB to access Internet. I would suggest you to buy Idea or Tata Indicom Photon if it is available in Chennai. You can choose the plan according to your needs and it can be used anywhere in India

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    Re: I need to rent fast speed internet in chennai

    Even I think that the Wireless will be much useful to you, since you have to move (guessing, as you mentioned). To install the Wireless is much easy process. You will have to connect the data card in 2.0 USB. Once you install the drivers required for the wireless, you can use the Internet anywhere in India. Instead for going to the cable Internet connection, I would recommend you to use the Wireless.
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