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Thread: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

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    Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    I recently got DTH services from Reliance, the problem is i am not getting proper signal, there is a big fluctuation in signal due this i am unable to view correct picture. Can nay one tell me the Dish Antenna Alignment procedure ?

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    Re: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    The first thing that you have to remember before setting Dish Antenna Alignment is that its working is totally dependent on its alignment. To set the dish to point up to the satellites, you’ll first need to set the elevation. If you are not able to adjust it at proper angles, then the entire system will falter. The location of antenna requires good view of satellites.

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    Re: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    Once the dish antenna is installed it should be adjust in a way to catch the signal transmitted from the satellite. Set the dish to point in the angle of elevation for the satellite, as you have already set it in the required azimuth angle for your location. In addition to receiving the signal, alignment of the dish needs to be tweaked for better quality reception. Check your antenna installation guide or consult your dealer for the data or information. Similarly, the receiver needs to be tuned so that it works in tandem with the dish.

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    Re: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    The "Satellite Antenna Alignment" software is used to measure angles for installing satellite dishes, it will allow us to calculate doable modifications considering the antenna diameter and possible obstacles. There are quite a few different programs out there that do the same exact thing as this one. The calculation can be saved to a text file, copied to the Windows clipboard or printed out at once. It is possible to save the list of locations for which the calculation is done. The main difference from similar software is the possibility to calculate the position for all satellites at once.

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    Re: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    The satellites are "parked" approximately 22,300 miles above the equator. When aligning an antenna to a satellite, there are three (3) very important variables (Elevation, Azimuth, Polarization)that need to be adjusted in order to properly receive the signal.

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    Re: Dish Antenna Alignment procedure

    Dish TV signal quality depends on the appropriate direction. The user should make sure that the equipments have an uninterrupted path. Check to make sure that the mount is 100% level. The portion that the dish mounts on must be straight up to the sky level. Otherwise you will not be able to find the signal, Any obstruction on the signal path can bring inferior quality picture.

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