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Thread: How to change phone number caller id

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    How to change phone number caller id


    I am using verizon wireless network with motorola mobile phone and i want to Change a Caller ID information that display my number when i call any of my friend. i want to hide my number so when i call them they dont get my number. Is it possible ? How do you change the caller ID so when you call someone your name is displayed instead of 'unavailable'.

    Thank you

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    Re: How to change phone number caller id

    No, you can do that. there is a service called Private number which will hide your number so when you call other person , your number wont display on their screen, it will display " Private number" on their screen. but this services are given to famous people and you need legal permission to activate such service.

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    Re: How to change phone number caller id

    You can easily change the number that a person sees on their caller ID display when you call! You have o create an account in You have to take "spoof" service that allows you to call into a special phone number before placing your call. You will have to purchase call minutes in increments of 60 minutes for $10 to $80.

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    Re: How to change phone number caller id

    SpoofCard is the best option for you , SpoofCard, the world's leading Caller ID privacy tool with over 3 million customers. spoofing service is now available worldwide, with local access numbers in over 20 countries, and support for making anonymous calls to over 200 countries around the globe. See here for more details

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