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Thread: Airtel Speed Test

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    Airtel Speed Test


    I have purchased the airtel broadband connection, as per the pack i purchase my connection having 384 Kbps speed. But i'm getting really slow download speed, near about 20 to 25 kbps, what to do? I want to complaint to airtel service providers , but how much download speed i should get in 384 Kbps connection? And also how can i test the download speed of airtel connection?

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    Re: Airtel Speed Test

    Yes my cousin also have same broadband plan from aitel and the download speed is same as you mentioned, max. 30 kpbs, What more you can expect from airtel?

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    Re: Airtel Speed Test

    Aitel provides its own website to test the speed of its broadband connection. Name is Bharti Airtel Ltd - Bandwidth Meter Go to this link

    Note :

    • Java is required to view this applet
    • The Speed Test may be affected by applications being run on your computer. Please close all active
    • downloads and browser windows before beginning the test.
    • The SpeedTest may show inaccurate results with a WiFi connection. Please make sure your computer is
    • connected to the ADSL modem/router with the Ethernet cable.

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    Re: Airtel Speed Test

    Best is go to , it gives the accurate report. Refer to following threads for more info:

    How can i check my Internet Speed
    How to test the speed of BSNL broadband connection
    How to Test Internet connection speed
    Internet Bandwidth Speed Test
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