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Thread: How to make free calls to USA

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    How to make free calls to USA

    Normally i make a call to all of my clients who are located in USA through my Reliance mobile phone, as i see my phone is very costly i need to have some medium where the calls rate to USA has to be much more cheaper.I have try to find a lot over internet but was not able to get any good one.Can anyone help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Make USA call at 1p per minute

    To make an International call to USA you need to dial a number 0844 605 0666 over where you will be charged 1p a minute which will also include your mobile phone calls too.For that you need to follow some few steps which are as follows:-
    1. Form your mobile you need to type a text message as PLANET and send it to to 87887 for gaining your £5 top up credit.
    2. Now dial 0116 329 7007 from your mobile followed by the US number starting with 00 and enjoy.

    To end your call, hang up in the usual manner. To make another international call, just redial 0844 605 0666.

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    Re: How to make free calls to USA

    If you want to make cheap calls to USA you can use iCall.iCall is a free and low-cost VoIP calling platform that is currently available for your desktop PC, iPhone and iPod Touch. iCall save your money on calling your friends, family, and business associates wherever you may be in the world.During the creation of free calling platform.

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    Re: How to make free calls to USA

    There is one more company which provide free calling to USA is MediaRing.MediaRing was among the first to offer free PC-to-PC calls and instant messaging with its flagship service “MediaRing Talk 99”.MediaRing Talk integrates Presence and Instant Messaging, phones calls between PC-to-PC as well as PC-to-Phone. And of course a bundle of free value-added services such as voice and text conferencing and many more still to come in the near future.

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