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Thread: Tata Indicom Photon+ Reviews!

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    Tata Indicom Photon+ Reviews!

    I am a Tata customer and Im highly satisfied with their services, in terms of speed, connectivity as well as CC!

    I recently came across a few great reviews about the latest Photon+ service of Tata. Wanted to see if other members agree, i might as well switch from my current plan to Photon

    I'm just posting a few of the reviews.

    Giz Guru Blog:
    Though this blog has just covered a few points of its survey, but till now Photon+ is in the lead here as well.

    TataTeleservices (TTML) has announced its new High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)wireless solution called Photon+.

    The company claims that Photon+ is 20 times faster than the existing mobilewireless technology offering data rates up to 3.1 Mbps. This is compatible withboth laptops as well as desktops. Photon+ is accessible via both Routers andUSB Modems; this would cater to both business segment as well as consumers.

    It offers dual compatibility between HSIA and CDMA 1X coverage/mode.

    The best part in the Photon+ is that it offers easy ’self installation’ withLAN/WLAN connectivity and OS support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X. Sothis is a plus point for all Mac users.

    I can’t write much about its connection and speed, but the company claims forfaster e-mail access and file transfers, slicker presentations, and betterexperience of audio and video streaming and so on.

    This is also available in Mumbai with a one-time installation charge of Rs.3500, while the tariff plan begins from Rs 299 to Rs. 1250.
    This is a great product. Finallysomething that really makes a notable difference. I have been wondering whenIndia will catch up with the west as far as internet speeds were concerned. Nowbroadband has
    arrived but internet on the move was still a struggle.
    Most of the products out therehave been poor in terms of signals and coverage, except Tata Indicom. Howevernet speeds still left quite a bit to be desired.
    Photon+ not only has a stylishdongle but also quite a simple install. Running it also does not particularlyhave any kind of high system requirements. Activation was really a delightsince it was rather simple and ready to use. So far compatible with Windowsonly though.
    Speed of course is the main facetof this connection and given it is an HSIA (High Speed Internet Access).
    Another huge bonus is the Wi-finature of this revolutionary product. Now it connects not just via USB but alsowirelessly to devices sharing the internet.
    Overall a tremendous upgradefrom anything else in the market. This is definitely a category breaker, rathera category MAKER!!
    I have been using mobile internetfor quite a while and have switched from PCMCA cards to mobiles and walkys tofinally usb dongles.
    Given that my requirement israther mobile across the several retail
    shops I run, I need to be connectedwith suppliers and clients alike.
    The greatest thing I found aboutthis device was that it gave me broadband speed internet for my store and madeeveryone else connect painlessly also.
    This has been quite a change fromthe more cumbersome internet options one has to apply. Also the tariff plansare quite reasonable for this quality of service.
    We picked Rs. 1500 for unlimiteddata download every month which I think is quite reasonable given the value weget for it. Unlimited data and that too wirelessly.
    The router was a slight hit 3500and activation at 1000.
    But again keeping in mind thereturn – ie HIGH SPEED and true mobility – I endorse it for sure.
    My personal recommendation ofthis product to all SME friends of mine who are considering powering someinternet in their premises and needing the option to have mobility and yet wifisharing for many users at the same time. Of course all this is NOT at the cost of speed
    Great Job Tata Indicom! Thanksfor the new service – it has really changed the way we work.
    Finally the Tatalaunches Photon+ something that makes a difference. Most of these products havepoor signals and coverage, like the Reliance. The Tata Indicom is much betteryou get signal mostly everywhere,
    however net speeds is not quite preferred.
    The newPhoton+ has ‘self installation’with LAN/WLAN connectivity and OS support. This OS support is for Windows2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X.
    ThePhoton+ is accessible using two devices — the Router and USB Modem. The routeris helpful for multiple users in small and medium businesses (SMB) and businessenterprises which is configured with an in-built modem and has Wi-Ficapabilities. The USB Modem that can be directly plugged into a computer, forindividual users.

    This service is available Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, Jammu &Kashmir & North East States.

    The USB Modem is available in Mumbai and the router is available at a one-timeactivation of Rs 1,000, while the tariff planbegins from Rs 299 to Rs. 1250.
    Thanks for the person who created this community.... actually s day i searched for "tata indicom photon+" community...... i din get see community for photon+....... today i thought 2 create de community for photon+..... but 2 my surprise today i saw de separate community for "photon+".. I got purchased "photon+" last week.. and really i am surprised with de speed.......
    thanks for the community owner
    Reliance data card is de worst ISP...... in my opinion.....actually before i had reliance.... and got terminated and purchased photon+..... its verrrrrrrrrrry gud dan reliance

    Post your reviews as well!
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    Re: Tata Indicom Photon+ Reviews!

    Im using this and its quite good. Its similar to the BSNL EVDO. The speeds vary a lot, not consistent at all. During the night I get about 120-140kBps. Day time its much less.

    If they had priced it at Rs 1000, it would have been awesome. But at 1.5k its a bit high.

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    Down Re: Tata Indicom Photon+ Reviews!

    hi,this is om and i have been almost ripped off.i took a tata indicom photon + connection 13 (8-21 apr)days credit limit for it is 1100,anything downloaded extra is 2rs/mb.(which has not been mentioned when i bought it)

    i used the stupid thing only to check 5 mails and it got diconnected 2 days back.i recieved a bill of 32,965+outstanding=3,998.and when i went to complain that i haven't used it they started showing records of me downloading(16786) and uploading(1587) numerous amounts.when i kept insisting that i haven't used it they insist that i have to pay the bill,why should i pay the bill for something i haven't used?they offered to give me 7,000 discount at the least when my point is I HAVEN'T USED IT.

    in the record it is also showing a usage of 2 and half hours of usage the day after my photon was disconnected.when i complained about that they are saying that we will see about that next month.and the customer people talk to me as if am doing all this to avoid paying the bill.indirectly they are disprespecting the customer.

    if i had used it i would have payed it in blink of an eye,my point is why should i pay when i've not used it?am deciding to sue them.

    help me and guide me through this,please

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