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Thread: Auction of Vip/Vanity Cellular numbers by BSNL

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    Auction of Vip/Vanity Cellular numbers by BSNL

    After tata , bsnl is also offering vanity numbers for Rs.1,000-3,000. The state-run operator has categorized these numbers into three, on the basis of their exclusivity. Here they are::

    1. Bidding shall commence at 10:00 Hrs on 28th MARCH 2009 and shall continue till 18:00 Hrs on 4th APRIL 2009.
    2. Only cellular (both post-paid & pre-paid) subscribers of BSNL can participate in the auction. If you are not an existing BSNL cellular subscriber then you can bid through your friend's/relative's BSNL cellular number. However in such cases the liability to pay the amount, if declared highest, shall remain with the BSNL cellular subscriber.
    3. Existing Post-paid customer can also bid for change of his/her existing number.
    4. It is mandatory that all serious bidders should first get registered for being eligible for bidding. For registration, intending bidder shall send SMS REGVAN<SPACE>10 DIGIT Mobile Number (for which he/she wants to bid) to 56666.

    For example if you are getting registered for mobile 94220 55555 then your SMS shall be as below;

    REG 9422055555

    5. Rs 1.50 shall be charged for this SMS. Besides another Rs 50.00 towards registration shall be deducted from the talk-value balance (for Pre-paid bidder). For Postpaid bidder, amount of Rs 1.50 and Rs 50.00 shall be sent to billing system for adding to bidders debit.
    6. After successful registration, subscriber shall be informed that "You are now successfully registered to bid for mobile number 94xxxxxxxx".
    7. Step 3, 4 & 5 above shall be repeated for each number for which a subscriber wants to bid. (e.g. if a subscriber wants to bid for 9422000000 & 9422100000 then he should get registered for both these numbers separately and for both these registrations, he shall be charged Rs 1.50+Rs 50.00 separately
    8. Subscribers can check for their choice vanity/VIP number on Maharashtra circle website (
    9. To bid for a number, send following SMS to '56666';


    For example if you are bidding Rs 15,000.00 for mobile number 94220 55555 then your SMS shall be as below;

    CHOICE 9422055555 15000

    10. You shall receive a back SMS intimating about the highest bid already received for this number. If your bid is highest then it shall be confirmed in the back SMS.
    11. During the process of bidding, as and when any bidder exceeds your bid, which was intimated as the highest, then an intimation shall be given to you through SMS.
    12. To know the highest bid already available for your choice number, send following SMS to'56666';


    For Example to know the highest bid already available for your choice number 94220 00000 send following SMS to '56666';

    CHOICE 9422000000
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    Re: Auction of Vip/Vanity Cellular numbers by BSNL

    Bid shall be acceptable in multiples of Rs. 100.00 only. For example, if the current bid for your choice number is Rs 1500.00, then you can bid any amount above Rs 1500.00 in multiple of 100 i.e. Rs 1600.00, Rs 1700.00 etc.

    During bid, a bidder can increase previous bid by maximum of Rs10000.00. Moreover, an existing highest bidder cannot exceed his/her own bid by any amount unless somebody else exceeds his/her bid amount. First initial bid for any number cannot be accepted beyond Rs. 25,000.00

    At the end of auction, top bidder shall be informed by BSNL about his status and request him to provide Name, Address and details of the ID (to ensure that number is allotted to selected customer only). These details shall be used to contact the selected bidder. Therefore, it is very necessary that bidders are always available on the mobile phone

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