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Thread: MTNL Leased Line Tariff

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    MTNL Leased Line Tariff

    These rental rates are annual and applicable to all class of subscribers uniformly.

    These rates will be applicable only if the circuits are provided through utilization of spare capacities of the Company. In prospective cases where new construction or installation is involved on Rental & Guarantee, basis for the whole or part of circuits, the rental will be calculated on capital cost basis without comparison with flat rate.

    Tariff for Leased Line Circuits for below 2 mbps

    Tariff for Leased Line Circuits for 2 mbps & above

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    Re: MTNL Leased Line Tariff

    TRAI has issued 38th Amendment to TTO 1999 creating separate categories for circuits - MLLN and Classical (non-MLLN) with separate tariff ceilings for each. There are two sets of tariff for 64 kbps. The tariff for 64 kbps given on MLLN system with maximum rental of Rs. 51000/- for maximum distance for 500 kms will be applicable. And the tariff for 64 kbps Classical with maximum ceiling of Rs.44000/- for maximum distance for 500 kms shall apply for non MLLN leased lines.

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