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Thread: BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers(Bonus Card)

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    BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers(Bonus Card)

    BSNL launched the Special Tariff Vouchers (STV) under prepaid mobile services are aimed at bringing in affordability, by offering reduced rates for Call/SMS/GPRS and Unlimited call and GPRS packs.

    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.70.00-: Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.40/Min & Other Network @ Rs.0.60/Min.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.49.00-: Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.49/Min & Other Network @ Rs.0.70/Min.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.60.00-: Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.30/Min.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.130.00-:Local call- Own Network @ Rs.0.10/Min.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.35.00-: STD call- Any Network @ Rs.1.00
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.95.00-: Own Network call - Local @ Rs.0.30/Min and STD Rs.0.60/Min.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.65.00-: Night Calling Own Network- Local @ Rs.0.20/Min and STD @ Rs.0.50/Min (11.00 PM to 07.00AM)
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.300.00-:Local call- Own Network Unlimited FREE.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.30.00-: Local & National SMS @ Rs.0.10/SMS
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.20.00-: Night Local SMS- Unlimited free (11.00 PM to 07.00AM)
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.50.00-: 300 Local & National SMS Free.
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.60.00-: GPRS Pack- 5 MB free & usage while in home LSA @ Rs.0.03/10KB
    • STV Recharge MRP Rs.230.00-: GPRS Pack- Unlimited usage free while in home LSA

    Terms & Coditions-:
    (i) Service tax @ 10.30% has been included in MRP.(ii) Validity of all the above STVs is 30 days from the date of activation.(iii) Free talk value available with all the above STVs is Nil. (iv) The above STVs will be applicable to all prepaid plans offered by corporate office except Anant plans.(v) This facility of reduced rate will not be available on 5 black-out days i.e. New year eve 31st Dec, New year day 1st Jan, Valentine day, Diwali & Christmas Day. (vi) This tariff may be offered as a promotional measure for period of 90 days from the date of effect(vii) The above tariff will be applicable with effect from 16.03.2009

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    Re: BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers(Bonus Card)

    BSNL has also launched Magic Voucher 550

    Special tariff voucher (Magic Voucher 550) w.e.f 20-01.09.

    The details of the magic voucher 550 are as under:

    a) MRP Rs. 550/ (inclusive of ST)

    b) Local call to BSNL fixed line (LL & WLL) @ 49 paise/min

    c) Local call to BSNL mobile and other network @ 59 paise/min

    d) All STD calls @ 99 paise/min

    These rates of magic voucher will be applicable to pre-paid general & FNF mobile customers till such time they continued valid.

    From 29.01.09 onwards the Magic Voucher 550 is applicable to old Anant and Saral Anant customers also.

    ** This vouchers will be available through electronic top-up (C-Top-up & TPR) only.

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