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Thread: Unable to connect dialup data card

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    Unable to connect dialup data card

    hi i have a acer laptop in my office network i could not access any computer so i did a trick in export the netbt from registry and import it and just reinstall the local area connection in my computer. And the sharing problem is reserved but problem rise with my data card dialup network it is showing connection registrig the computer one the internet but lastly shows unable to connect error code TCP/IP CP 2. plz help anyboday if u have any suggestion actually it my managers laptop.I know that problem is rises from there. I have tried reinstalling the modem but still the same problem.any suggestion would be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance if anybody can solve this problem
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    Re: Unable to connect dialup data card

    Solution for TCP/IP CP Error 2 ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND :

    try the registry fix on that page

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    Re: Unable to connect dialup data card

    You can try Dialup Connection Checker to find the problems,
    Dialup Connection Checker 1.41

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    Re: Unable to connect dialup data card

    thanks for your suggestions folks for my lifeline Acer laptop
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