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Thread: Reliance GPRS not working

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    Reliance GPRS not working

    I am using Reliance GSM services. in that when i send SMS for GPRS settings i got reply "Your handset not support GPRS ". I am using Nokia N81. I send many SMS for GPRS settings but i received same reply. Anyone who is using Reliance GPRS can help me ?


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    Re: Reliance GPRS not working

    Where are you form ? Reliance yet not launched GPRS service on GSM. thats why you are receiving that msg.

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    Re: Reliance GPRS not working

    I am from Mumbai. but on reliance web site I saw " Reliance Mobile is the only operator in the country with CDMA and GSM dual technology. Our next generation GSM network lets you enjoy seamless coverage across India and unleashes a world of endless possibilities. Beyond calling and messaging, it lets you e-mail, MMS, download videos, get live cricket scores, listen to music of your choice, blog and even surf the Net. All this made vey simple, flexible and convenient to meet your every demand."

    That means reliance not giving proper information about GSM.

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    sad Reliance GPRS open only rworld homepage

    i am using reliance gsm gprs and it is access only reliance homepage and not any other is open via Reliance GPRS

    Pls reply if you know about it problem.


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    Re: Reliance GPRS not working


    Have you checked your GPRS settings : Reliance GSM GPRS settings

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    Re: Reliance GPRS not working

    Are you using GSm post paid or prepaid. if you are using Postpaid ,You will require Reliance GSM NetConnect which is Required for Emails and Actual GPRS, and its only allowed in Post Paid GSM

    APN: rcomnet
    Login Request Required : ON
    Authentication : PAP
    Data Compression : off
    Header Compression : off
    Settings Name: Reliance NetConnect
    Home Page / WAP Page:
    Proxy: no
    Proxy Server Address : leave it blank
    Port : leave it blank
    Full Address in case of Windows Phone : leave it blank
    User Name = 9123456789 which is Your 10 Digit MDN
    Pass word = 9123456789 which is Your 10 Digit MDN
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    Re: Reliance GPRS not working

    I am MAnoj V J from Kerala. My Hand set is i-mate SPL (Windows 5.0 mobile). I tried all methods to set the Reliance GSM GPRS on my mobile, but failed. The GPRS setting menu appearing on my hand set is like this.

    Settings/ Connections/ GPRS/ Menu/ Add

    1) Description: ....

    2) Connect to:

    The Internet/ Secure WAP net work/ WAP net work/ Work

    *we have to choose any one from the above four

    3) Access point:

    4) User name:

    5) Password: ..

    6) Primary DNS:

    7) Secondary DNS:

    8) IP Address: .

    Can any one could able to help me?

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